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Teamspeak - Pobierz Teamspeak, wersja Client 3.0.16 TS3

Obecnie nie dysponujemy recenzją tego oprogramowania: Teamspeak, wersja Client 3.0.16 TS3 Jeśli chcesz napisać recenzję tego oprogramowania, zrób to i prześlij do nas. Bardzo chętnie ją tu umieścimy.

If you are particularly fond of multiplayer games, there is no better way to communicate with your team-mates and friends than with the help of Teamspeak. The need for such communication can arise for many reasons. It could be either because you wish to design a strategy or simply because you want to socialize. Even though many games come equipped with chat features and options but they fail to deliver and leave a lot to be desired in the long run. That being said, if a particular game’s default mode of communication just isn’t cutting it for you anymore then you should opt for TeamSpeak instead.
The software application is offered in two separate forms. The primary application is to be used as a server, whereas the other as the client. This gives individuals the ability to set up their own secure and private networks which can then be used to chat with other friends. What is really interesting about the application is it is supported by all platforms, including Linux, Mac and PC as well.
Server administrators have the ability to delete and create user accounts but they also have access to other options like banning users or password protecting access to the server itself. On the other hand, the client application is user-friendly and gives others access to the server by inputting the server’s address and credentials after which they’re connected to the network in no time. The application is as easy as they come and will ensure a flawless gaming experience without compromising system stability whatsoever.


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